Kingsport Veterans Memorial Subcommittee

 Who better to provide oversight of such hallowed ground than veterans themselves?  Such is the arrangement for the Kingsport Veterans Memorial as a subcommittee comprised of Kingsport veterans volunteers their time, talents and passion to ensuring the Kingsport Veterans Memorial remains true to its original mission as a memorial dedicated to honoring all those brave men and women from the Kingsport area who served the United States of America with bravery, courage, honor and duty.  As has been stated, more than 370 of those honored gave the ultimate sacrifice so that others may continue to enjoy the freedoms and privileges that come with living in the land of the free.

     Members of this select, honorable subcommittee are appointed by members of the Kingsport Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee and are approved by the mayor of the City of Kingsport.  Membership also includes at least one Kingsport Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee member.

     Meeting at least quarterly and/or at the request of City of Kingsport staff, advisory subcommittee members or the Park and Recreation Advisory Committee, members of the Kingsport Veterans Subcommittee serve in an advisory capacity to the Kingsport Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee.  Their responsibilities include: 

  • Serving as advocates for the Kingsport Veterans Memorial  
  • Approve/endorse all events held at the memorial to ensure the integrity of the memorial is preserved
  • Approve/endorse/advocate for any improvements or maintenance performed to the memorial
  • And Other responsibilities deemed appropriate by Kingsport’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee

     Though their list of responsibilities may not be extensive, their duties are nonetheless very specific in their collective purposes to protect the memorial and guarantee its condition is excellently maintained and its usage proper.  These goals are consistent with the subcommittee’s mission of ensuring that the highest honor and integrity of the memorial is well pre